White in winter.. Yay or Nay?

I do love colours white and beige I think they always look very elegant! However I do not agree with people who divide colours for every season, as they say ” You can not wear white in winter” … Erm no you can wear anything you want, whenever you want… And so I did 😄 I was always looking for a perfect white coat with a good price tag and couldn’t find one in months, in fact I got my inspiration from watching ” Maid in Manhattan”, where Jennifer Lopes walks in the park in a white coat and white turtleneck. So yes I always wanted to come up with something similar. When I think of winter coats/ autumn coats Reiss always pops into my mind. They really do know how to make good quality, good price products but also their clothes fit well. I wouldn’t say they go by the latest fashion they just very neutral they sell things that are classic, things that every woman needs each season, such as a good coat, good pair of trousers, good suit for work and a jumper. I would never go to Reiss for a latest trend but if I need something casual for an everyday wear then that is the place! Whilst their prices for the coats and suits are affordable around £300, however prices for the jumpers and turtlenecks can be above normal around £90-120. Which to me seems not ok so I decided to search elsewhere. I always knew that Uniqlo also always has good turtlenecks and good winter jumpers, they specialise in it. Without a doubt that’s the place I went to get my turtleneck, which I got for £10 and the quality is very good as well. Happy days! 😄 Finally I put an outfit together, which I liked and went to take pictures of course!

Back to the subject of colour white in winter. In fact few people have said to me why would you wear white when it’s winter? Well why not? I guess in countries where it snows heavily it would be inappropriate to wear all white because you would just mix in with the snow on the ground, but where as we are in London and it does not snow, it is perfectly fine to wear white. Hey I see some people wearing sandals in winter but again whatever makes them comfortable ☺️

Coat: Reiss
Trousers: Reiss
Turtleneck: Uniqlo
Shoes: Valentino
Bag: Chanel






House of CB

I have discovered this brand, which is taking England by storm " House of CB", it is popular 
with a lot of celebrities. When I looked at their website it just looked like its a replica of Herve Leger , which I still think it does but they just change few details of the dress. I decided to order one to try, I didn't even realise it was coming from China and I really do not like when something arrives from there because I had few problems before with sizes, wrong colours etc and most importantly it is a big trouble sending it back. So when it arrived I was pleasantly surprised by the wrapping presentation I think it was absolutely amazing! The box is pink with their logo and everything wrapped neatly. I took the dress out and was amazed by the quality it really is good considering the dress costs only about £100. Overall, I am very pleased with  the dress and cant wait to order more! 

Self Portrait

Recently I have discovered this new edgy cool London designer Self Portrait. I usually often go through Selfridges browsing not necessarily shopping jut looking what is new and what is the latest trend and people when ask me what you doing and I say ” In Selfridges” usually think I am a hopeless shopaholic. No not true! Anyways, I fell in love with this dress its is so cute although I wasn’t sure at first because I was going for a birthday party and did not want to look like a granny! However, once I tried it on I knew that I will buy it! Love discovering new designers with affordable prices! ☺️☺️




Hair Masks

Lets talk about hair. It has been one of my biggest problems ever since a teenager. I never had the dream hair like they show on the commercials. My hair are very thin and its not a lot of them sometimes when I am angry I just want to shave them all off so I wont have to deal with them 😦  Once I got hair extensions and guess what happened half of my hair fell when I removed the extensions, great! I then had to cut them and get the bob hairstyle, because they were so damaged. So I gave up on the idea of having those perfect, silky hair.  I won’t be talking about how to blow dry them or look after them but how to grow them faster if you have short hair and trying to grow them and believe me this works.

I am not sure if those listed below products will be available everywhere as I bought them abroad but should be in pharmacy or boots.

So it’s a hair mask, do it once a week and leave it for one hour.

You will need the following:

Vitamins B1, B6, B12. Niacin( Nicotonic acid)  and aloe.

Those should come in ampoules or capsules as shown below. The syringe is just to get the liquid out of the ampoules don’t be scared 🙂


You need to mix all those ampoules and rub into your hair roots, massage for 10 minutes or as long as you can to circulate your blood flow. Leave it for an hour or two and wash it off as normal with shampoo. This has really helped me in a month my hair grew very fast ,I can not comment how much in cm or inches but you will be able to notice visually.

If you can not find those ingredients there is a second method, which is also very effective.

Mustard powder 3 spoons

One egg yolk

A little bit of water just two spoons

Castor oil three spoons

Sugar one spoon

Mix all the ingredients. Rub into the roots of your hair and leave for 10-15 minutes for the first time. You will feel a  little burning sensation that is why you should only leave it for 15 minutes and increase by 5 minutes next time. You may ask why sugar, well sugar makes the mustard much stronger so the more you feel burning the better it is, it means your blood circulation started to work and thats what we want! Both masks do nothing for the shininess of the hair or anything, it only makes your hair grow faster so I wanted to share if anyone needs it! 🙂 Your hair may become thicker from it it depends on individuals.



Winter Trends 2014

I guess I wont be wrong if I say many of us have the ideal outfit in their mind that they see themselves in this winter or at least desirable shoes, coat or a jumper that you want. Every season I have something I am totally in love with and want to buy, sometimes I do sometimes I don’t because most of them are fade fashion, but the point is I love the idea of wanting something so much its my way of looking forward to something! This season I am so mesmerised by three things, three pieces of clothing and its a must get!

Firstly its Chanel over knee boots, do you remember how last year the hottest shoes of the season were Stuart Weitzman grey overknee boots, I was on a waiting list to get them for few month. Well this year its the Chanel boots. In general I love over knee boots because I believe they look the best on taller people, it defines your long and slim legs, plus they are perfectly wearable with so many outfits! Shorts, short skirts, leggins, tight trousers! I also love the details of those boots which is the golden metal part at the front!



Second trend this season are Chanel sneakers, I didn’t like these for a long time but I finally gave in! They got me! I like the colours, material, design. Although I have a feeling they are hard to match up with other pieces of clothing.

Screen Shot 2014-11-03 at 12.47.09

And finally, the winner is…… the Capes! When I look at these my heart goes awww lol. Everything is perfect about those capes, the material, the colour, the length and of course the best designers in my opinion for those types of Capes are Ralph Lauren and Loro Piana. Those capes are also perfect with a  pencil skirt or skinny trousers or as seen on pictures. There are so many trends these season but I think these are the best! What are yours? 🙂

Screen Shot 2014-11-03 at 12.20.48 Screen Shot 2014-11-03 at 12.51.54 Screen Shot 2014-11-03 at 12.52.09

Style Keepers

I love discovering new designers, which are unique and fresh, so I did! Although I absolutely dislike buying something online I took a risk with this one. There is this blogger Sydneyfashionblogger on Instagram and she has one of the best styles of clothing that I have ever seen if not the best! She was advertising this brand Style Keepers, which is located in Australia. I barely order anything online from UK and I was very hesitant to order something from Australia because if the sizing is wrong or the quality is horrible like at Asos, I doubt I would send it back all the way to Australia for a refund its just a lot of hassle. When I went on their website I sat there like a little kid staring at a chocolate cake or something, because I was absolutely In love with their clothes and I know looks can be deceiving especially online but I didn’t care I started clicking on everything and putting in a basket, when I clicked check out I realised that I went over my budget! Anyway, taking a big risk on myself of ordering something from unfamiliar, unchecked website I clicked ‘confirm purchase’. To my surprise the parcel arrived in three days from a country/continent that is so far away! Once I opened the parcel I was so glad because I was worried about sizes. I got size S l but I was scared that what if I am medium now ( as I have gained some weight 😦 ) Everything fitted well thank god and the quality was very good as well for something that is around £50 pounds!

Those are the two outfits I have purchased, which I think are absolutely beautiful and stylish!

Screen Shot 2014-11-03 at 11.14.46                      Screen Shot 2014-11-03 at 11.15.09

And this is how I wore them 🙂 Of course my pictures are not professional so don’t judge too harsh 🙂 What I love about the grey dress or a jumper and a skirt to be more correct, is that it can be worn as a casual day outfit or as a night out outfit if you just change the top underneath to a white one or something more open/revealing.

I only have one negative thing to say about the pink set, the material is not that great its stretchy and it doesn’t go back to its own shape so I would say you can wear it two/three times more until it completely damaged.

1797442_555341027929495_4428993429872544608_n 10409528_548663145263950_8302560574265032347_n



Finally the crazy hectic Halloween weekend is over! I did not dress up as anyone really because I attended a masquerade ball and did not want to scare off the person I went with 😂 I am amazed though with the effort that people put in it is crazy! My ball was quite awesome too but not crazy as other places. My friend started to ring me around 12 am and kept inviting to the club so as it was across the road I went. That’s when the real craziness began, I lost everyone I came with within the first 20 minutes because it was so packed! Overall was fun but I realised Halloween is not really my type of celebration I am more into New Years and Birthdays and maybe Valentine days 😍